Sunday, 24 April 2011

If this doesn't Motivate us nothing will

With Reality television giving us the opportunity to sit in our lounge rooms and watch men and women transform into fit, healthy and slimmer versions of what they were, virtually being tortured.
 It motivates us for a fleeting moment until we talk ourselves out of it "No way that really looks hard work, we don't have the trainer and someone making us eat the right food 24/7".
It is so refreshing to hear a story that incorporates daily life into making it happen and just finding ways to fit exercise and keeping healthy into our very crazy busy lives.
I was telling you about this wonderful lady I had as a client last week who had gone from a size 22 to a 12 to 14 and she has done just that.  Heather has kindly let me share her inspirational story with you and here it is: 

Heather before
Heather after all the hard work (She looks amazing)

Heather Wass's Story

I found WW (weight watchers) educates you to choices, it teaches you the energy value of foods so you can decide what to choose before you eat.  All food eaten needs to be burnt off or used for body function or it turns into stored fat.  When you are trying to lose weight you need to eat less than what you are using so you use up the stored fat.  To do this without feeling hungry or deprived is a little tricky and you don't always manage to do it. 
The first week I started I just increased my incidental exercise.  I parked my car a block away from where I needed to go, I walked for 15minutes before work, I walked at lunch time for 20 to 30 minutes, walked to get something instead of driving my car.  When I lost a little bit of weight I started to ride my pushbike (very cheap one from BigW but has a ladies seat on for comfort).  I found this became addictive, when I first started I couldn't ride very far before I had to rest but would then get on an go again.  I was riding in the mornings in the dark with a head torch on to see the rough gravel, rutted farm road/track (a very stylish site!!!).  I would ride before work 20 mins, then walk (faster as I got fitter) at lunch time then come home and walk or ride in the afternoon if I had time, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Thursday was WW meeting day and I worked later so would walk around the streets of Nyngan for about an hour prior to the meeting, this attracted other ladies at one stage and we had a little gathering of us at one stage.
The weekends if I was at home I would ride during the day both days.  If we go away I always take joggers and walk or run, I take our daughter's dog running if we are with them in the Hunter Valley.  We went to Tasmania the July after I had started to lose weight and we did a lot of driving (sitting in a car) and eating and drinking so I would do a resistant workout in our motel room each night.  Some Hotels have gyms so if they do use them, get on a walking machine just keep moving.  If we are away I always like to walk around where we are to explore.  I tell my WW ladies start by walking to the end of your street, then extend it each day.  Even if you only have five or ten minutes use it your body will thank you.
My husband Haydon had a great insight one night when I was doing my notes for a meeting and was a little stuck for an opening he said tell the members 'Weight gain is like maxing out your credit card, there will come a day when you have to pay it all back.'  You have a great time maxing it out (gaining weight) but it isn't as easy paying it off (losing the weight).

I love the analogy Heather's husband gave her.  I am sure most of us can relate to that!  

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hats and being a Milliner

From a Collection this is 'Land of Plenty'  I hand painted the silk fabric and then blocked it and stiffened.  I was inspired by an Alexander McQueen dress.

Small headpiece with quills and felt flower

Sinamay beret with dyed peacock feathers

Thought you might like a break from seeing me in the photos today.  So have put some of the hats I have made.

I am going to talk to you about the  hat making (Millinery).
Hat block for crown
Hat blocks for crown and brims I also use all sorts of items that give me interesting shapes
Small base underneath a flat brim on top that has been turned up.
Part of a hat for an exhibition on Outlaws, This one is called 'Flight to Freedom' This is made from felt and left over hat materials like straw, felt , stiffened fabrics,braids, ribbons and  an old doily.
 It is a beautiful thing to do but very time consuming.  I sometimes say it is more of a curse than a talent because you just keep going and going and never stop.  Hats take so long to make, make a big mess and it is hard to make money from them because of the labour and time involved, that starts when the client arrives to discuss their requirements.  I hope I am not discouraging any budding Milliners but it is worth knowing what you are getting into.  I have loved it for many years.  I still get a buzz when I go in to my hat room and start playing with my bits and pieces and thinking about what I can make.  

You need a hat block, or if you are making a hat with a crown and a brim you will also need a brim block.  You then either have straw or felt and mold the fabric you are using to the blocks and leave them to dry.  Depending on which fabric you are using and if it is pre-stiffened or not or if you want the hat to last longer or be a floppy style you may need to paint a stiffener on.  Once it is dry and you have done the coats of stiffener you will finish the edges and stitch together then do the lining or inside band. After this you need do decide on a trim, this may be feathers, flowers, fabric bows or pieces this is where the creativity comes in to it.  You spend a lot of time getting the balance on the hat and making sure the trim is correct.  Once you stitch the trim on to the hat  you are done but this can take hours and hours. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thank God for My Mother In Law

Well, last week when I started my blog I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  I was going to put this on my blog, take photos of blah, blah, blah!!! Of course I can easily add another thing to my 'to-do list' each day, as if getting dressed in a decent sort of fashion to get out the door wasn't challenging enough.
What is it with us women that we just keep adding to the things we need to achieve before we say it is okay to relax and unwind for the night? Needless to say the thought of getting to the computer(Once all the chores are done) to put my thoughts for the day down, is something of a reward.  There are also the photos to accompany the days post.  Which I do like to do but as I am just getting used to taking my own photo with the timer, it is rather time consuming.
My Mother in law arrived on Monday and despite her having the worst reputation for photo taking I have ever heard of, my husbands family has albums of photos with bodies with no heads.  Vera my Mother in law has been taking the photos and they are great!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Meeting Inspirational People

I am so very lucky.  Every day in what I do I get to meet some lovely, amazing people that inspire me and I learn something from.  Today and yesturday were no exception.  I met an amazing lady today who had gone from a size 22 to a 12/14.  Over the period of our meeting I got to hear her story.  I will post some photos of this gorgeous lady as soon as I get the photos that we took today.  At the end of the day I came out thinking we can do what ever we put our minds to!  This knowledge fills my heart with excitement!

Yesturday  I also met a lady that filled my heart with joy.  Such a sweet, spunky woman.  Certain outfits we put on her just brought out her personality and the person that makes her who she is.  This is what we need to look for in what we wear, not just something that will cover us up and get us through the day.  We all need to shine!!! and not just sometimes xxx

This is another outfit that changed with layers.  I have on my levi curve id black skinny jeans $54 in New York.  Underneath Cue print top $79, on top DKNY silver sequin t-shirt $20 New York. Patent leather boots New York $99 Cuff Rome, Necklace Katies from a lovely client as a Thank you.

Ok so now have added waistcoat from General Pants Alice in the Eve $79
Have added in the picture below another waistcoat which has frills on the sleeves for a bit of interest and adds balance to my thighs. I like the different textures and patterns.  May be a bit crazy for some but do the layers in the same colours if that is too much for you.  The frill sleeve waistcoat is from Valleygirl and it was $39
Here I have just added (yet another thing) A metallic belt from Forever New.  $39

Monday, 11 April 2011

School Holidays

The children are on holidays and whilst it is lovely to have them around, even though they don't talk (teenagers), it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Then I walk in to their rooms and the aroma hits me, then the devistation "what in the hell has happened in this room" then I realise it is three days of undies, smelly shirts, pants and socks that stand (literally) where they were taken off.
  I keep hearing stories of this changing and the  cute, sweet. loving child that just dissapeared without a trace returns eventually apparently around seventeen, eighteen.  Have seen glimpses of him fleetingly, but then he dissapears like it was my imagination playing tricks. Got to love those gorgeous teenage boys!

Here is an outfit I wore today. Pants Anthropology New York $88 not sure if they make my legs look big but I do like the look on other people, so I am just going to go with it.  Silk blouse Moss and Spy, Navy blazer Anthropology $88.  I then swapped the pants with my levi curve id dark navy jeans$55 NYC for a more casual look and my Banana Republic NYC grey boots on sale $85.  One of the looks has top tucked in but if tucking in is not for you, I like the left out look also and I think this hides muffin tops, but be careful not to have a top that is too shapeless.  The jacket helps to give shape and structure.  Thanks for reading. XXX

The pants are back to the eighties with pleats and paper bag waist.   Bluebird necklace Collette $14.95 Cuff Rome small gallery about $25, Ring Collette $7.95

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Autumn is Here!

The rain has been on and off for a week now.  Should I get out my Winter wardrobe and start putting Summer away? The minute I do take the plunge we will have another 30 degree day.  
I am excited though at the prospect of boots, scarves(colourful with interesting detail) Coussinet a Melbourne designer has the most amazing detailed scarves, wraps etc. and coats not to mention the interesting effect of layering. As above I have on thick ponti tights from Country Road $89, long knit wrap cardigan (left undone) from Macey's $30, Black, white grey animal print, cotton scarf from Gregory Ladner) and fake fur gilet from Calvin Klein outlet in New York $49 and finished off the look and kept me warm with suede boots.   

New York Shopping Tour Launch

This afternoon turned cold and rainy very quickly.  Made my think about casual but cosy outfits and how to make them a bit interesting. 
This is my Coussinet scarf I have had it for a few years now and love to pull it out every winter.  I have my Country Road ponti tights again! again my long Maceys cardigan, flowy waistcoat with zips from Tempt $29 pulled together with a Scottish pin,  then a knit bolero for extra warmth and gives another texture from Just Jeans think it was $39.  I have my grey boots from Banana Republic in New York which I didn't actually get in photo.  Could do this look with jeans and heels, for a steak and a beer at the pub  ( am a bit hungry). 

Yesturday was the Launch of The Smitten with Style New York Shopping Tour.
Wendy Mak owner of Smitten With Style wearing one of my Vintage hats.

Wendy with a very cute accessory Jack my dog.

My lovely Sister in law Suzanne and gorgeous Dianne (unfortunately closed eyes but they are very nice eyes!)

My lovely friend Fran who is the Marketing Coordinator of Can Assist an amazing organization who help Cancer patients in rural areas who need to come to the city for treatment.  Looking beautiful in turquoise. 
About 20 lovely ladies turned up to hear what is all about.  Cupcakes and Cosmopolitan's were flowing.  I snapped some of the ladies as they were enjoying chatting and the beautiful April sunshine while sipping on the drink Carrie Bradshaw and the girls made famous. 

Friday, 8 April 2011

New York State mind

Well another glorious day ahead!!.  As you may have noticed in my blogs I have some items purchased in New York recently.  I am so in love with that place.  I was by myself, so it gave me a great opportunity to just explore and go to places without worrying about compromising with a travel companion (even though that is great too).  I found some amazing places for shopping, eating or just sitting and watching.
The place has an amazing energy, I felt I could just keep going and going.  One of the best things about it is the shopping.  The range, the variety of interesting stuff, designer if you want it, at prices you cant go past.  I stocked up on underwear for my family, socks, Jeans (too cheap) all the labels at half the price we pay here. 
We have a beautiful country and it is the best to live, but we pay a lot for clothes and I love our designers they are unique but to get some great key pieces and basics it is worth the trip Smitten with Style are doing a shopping trip to New York with accompanying Stylists to help you pick out the right pieces and guide you to the right stores.  It is going to be fabulous. 

This is a bit of a crazy outfit mismatched.  I just like how it is a bit Bohemian hippy.  I have my top from Tattoo $29,  Fake fur gilet Calvin Klein (New York) $49, Long skirt Tattoo $39,  Necklace Diva $29. Belt Cue $129. Booties Wittner last winter.  I look a bit crazy but I would probably hitch up the skirt a tad. 

My family thinks I am crazy because I am doing a blog

I love these shoes I found in New York at Anthropologie they were only $79

So I am thinking all the time now about what I will put on my blog next.  Anyway when I told my family I had a blog they laughed and laughed. 
It is like having a shop for what is in your head.  You put it out there on display for the world to see.
It was a glorious sunny day today so I felt like wearing a skirt.  This is actually a dress with a top over it and I have belted it to make it look like a skirt  The mix of prints is probably a bit OTT for sum but I liked it with my new shoes and thought the colours are very autumnal. I just love the long skirt look this season especially with boots.
My dress is an old one I got given it is George.  The belt is from Zara (New York again) sales $29.  The top is from tatoo $29.  My earings are from Lovisa.  Just love turquoise with all those neutral colours.  Trying to get my whole outfit  including shoes in the picture  was not easy for an amateur like myself .  Anyway finally got it to happen.  

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Kids bring you back to earth!!

Finally got my blog started. Been thinking about it for a while. Got the camera out heard how easy it is to take photos of yourself. Flick around and yay! find the 10 second timer so set it up, get the outfit on and run in front of the camera and strike a pose. "Mum you are weird and that is putting it mildly" Busted by my seventeen year old son. He may take a while to get over it...
Anyway I am wearing again my Country Road ponti tights $89, Zara grey marl long sleeve top $20 in sale (love the way it feels and falls on the body) Anthropologie jacket (got in New York)$99

It has a stretch to it which is fantastic in a jacket as you feel so comfortable, almost like you have a sloppy joe on!