Friday, 8 April 2011

My family thinks I am crazy because I am doing a blog

I love these shoes I found in New York at Anthropologie they were only $79

So I am thinking all the time now about what I will put on my blog next.  Anyway when I told my family I had a blog they laughed and laughed. 
It is like having a shop for what is in your head.  You put it out there on display for the world to see.
It was a glorious sunny day today so I felt like wearing a skirt.  This is actually a dress with a top over it and I have belted it to make it look like a skirt  The mix of prints is probably a bit OTT for sum but I liked it with my new shoes and thought the colours are very autumnal. I just love the long skirt look this season especially with boots.
My dress is an old one I got given it is George.  The belt is from Zara (New York again) sales $29.  The top is from tatoo $29.  My earings are from Lovisa.  Just love turquoise with all those neutral colours.  Trying to get my whole outfit  including shoes in the picture  was not easy for an amateur like myself .  Anyway finally got it to happen.  

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