Friday, 8 April 2011

New York State mind

Well another glorious day ahead!!.  As you may have noticed in my blogs I have some items purchased in New York recently.  I am so in love with that place.  I was by myself, so it gave me a great opportunity to just explore and go to places without worrying about compromising with a travel companion (even though that is great too).  I found some amazing places for shopping, eating or just sitting and watching.
The place has an amazing energy, I felt I could just keep going and going.  One of the best things about it is the shopping.  The range, the variety of interesting stuff, designer if you want it, at prices you cant go past.  I stocked up on underwear for my family, socks, Jeans (too cheap) all the labels at half the price we pay here. 
We have a beautiful country and it is the best to live, but we pay a lot for clothes and I love our designers they are unique but to get some great key pieces and basics it is worth the trip Smitten with Style are doing a shopping trip to New York with accompanying Stylists to help you pick out the right pieces and guide you to the right stores.  It is going to be fabulous. 

This is a bit of a crazy outfit mismatched.  I just like how it is a bit Bohemian hippy.  I have my top from Tattoo $29,  Fake fur gilet Calvin Klein (New York) $49, Long skirt Tattoo $39,  Necklace Diva $29. Belt Cue $129. Booties Wittner last winter.  I look a bit crazy but I would probably hitch up the skirt a tad. 

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