Sunday, 10 April 2011

New York Shopping Tour Launch

This afternoon turned cold and rainy very quickly.  Made my think about casual but cosy outfits and how to make them a bit interesting. 
This is my Coussinet scarf I have had it for a few years now and love to pull it out every winter.  I have my Country Road ponti tights again! again my long Maceys cardigan, flowy waistcoat with zips from Tempt $29 pulled together with a Scottish pin,  then a knit bolero for extra warmth and gives another texture from Just Jeans think it was $39.  I have my grey boots from Banana Republic in New York which I didn't actually get in photo.  Could do this look with jeans and heels, for a steak and a beer at the pub  ( am a bit hungry). 

Yesturday was the Launch of The Smitten with Style New York Shopping Tour.
Wendy Mak owner of Smitten With Style wearing one of my Vintage hats.

Wendy with a very cute accessory Jack my dog.

My lovely Sister in law Suzanne and gorgeous Dianne (unfortunately closed eyes but they are very nice eyes!)

My lovely friend Fran who is the Marketing Coordinator of Can Assist an amazing organization who help Cancer patients in rural areas who need to come to the city for treatment.  Looking beautiful in turquoise. 
About 20 lovely ladies turned up to hear what is all about.  Cupcakes and Cosmopolitan's were flowing.  I snapped some of the ladies as they were enjoying chatting and the beautiful April sunshine while sipping on the drink Carrie Bradshaw and the girls made famous. 

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