Friday, 14 September 2012

What to wear in this lovely Spring weather

Some of these wonderful September Spring days are outstanding.  However, rather cool in the mornings and in the early afternoon.  At the moment am feeling like I am trying to drive a manual for the first time. You get it in gear, then you drive for a bit feel like its all happening then you stall in the middle of traffic.

I look out the window in the morning and go YAAAY! Look in my wardrobe at the bright colours and think how exciting to get into some light clothes and something bright! and then a cold change comes through and you need to look at the Winter gear again! Still need to think about a light jacket and scarf to layer up. 

The Tourist!
I had a wonderful holiday to Spain and London earlier this year in the Northern Hemisphere's Spring so I have already experienced this Early Spring dilema.  Even though the weather was gloomy the atmosphere was amazing with the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics preparation it made me want to wear happy bright colours.

Loved my new Noe Ballet flats! Never wear new shoes when your a tourist!
I absolutely love London!!! The energy just is fabulous.  LOVE xxx