Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainy long weekend

It is the last day of the long weekend and has pretty much rained all three days.  My plan was to get outside and take some photos but too wet. Yesterday had a great afternoon, went out for my friend Karen's birthday to this very cool restaurant/bar called The Winery in Surry Hills it was packed.  It was full of groovey Sydney people.  One of the Waitresses we had was wearing a "skivvy" but she did it very well and looked so cute, loved her scarf. 

All of my friends are very stylish, and each has their own unique way of putting things together.  Here is a photo of my friend Di she had a cute knit dress/coat with ruffles.  It looked fabulous and I must say, this is after our day out and she still looks great.  Di wore this as a dress with boots but you could do it with jeans or leggins.  Love the look.

I thought this was pretty funny.  My friend Maryan took me to some great shops that suprise, suprise I had not discovered yet and we both bought this jacket - but after quiet a few wines we thought we would be siamese twins.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Is Fashion Frivolous?

We have to wear clothes, it is a fact! I have been in a place where I coudn't be bothered so I have worn a tracky all day for days in a row.  I also love to dress up, accessorize, put some thought into what I am wearing and I know the difference in how I feel.  When I am in the slothing stuff I want to hide and have no one see me.  When I have taken the time to groom myself I feel fantastic and want to go out.  So, as for Fashion being frivolous, mmmmmmm no, it is like exercise or a good night's sleep or, in my case a glass of wine.  We all need it.  Tell me what you think!!!  

I have been thinking a lot lately about my obsession with clothes and fashion and how much time I spend thinking about it, looking at it,  playing with new combinations, creating accessories.
I get distracted as I pass my hat room (I am a Milliner and have a room where I keep all my treasures I have collected and made, and my clothes) as I am cleaning the house or doing washing or just trying to get out the door!

It always happens while I am doing a chore that does not involve creativity. When I give in to my impulsive behavior, I find myself  looking at my collection of bits and bobs, ideas explode out of my head and I then find myself overwhelmed and the time I had spare has gone!

To some this may be a frivolous waste of time, but for me it is a necessity, it is something I have to do! (it could also be a lack of discipline).

Anyway one of the results of this "playing" one day was this necklace I made with some dyed lace, vintage beads and trims I have collected and swarovski crystals and pearls. I will do some posts wearing it in the future.  

The little black dress

I have this black dress which I have worn through summer until now in this freezing cold snap we are having.  I am just going to show a couple of different ways I have worn it.  It can be done in your own ways with most sleeveless (or small sleeve) black dresses with a bit of structure, even better with a zip down the front.  There are a few around at the moment.  Mine is from Cue.  In Summer I obviously wear it with just a cami or no top underneath and add colour with my necklace or a belt.  I have also worn it with a pussy bow blouse.

I have chopped my head in some of the photos as I am really not very good at taking my own photo and not photogenic.  After taking so many photos, only a few are worthy of me subjecting you to them.  I am hoping my photos will get a bit more professional as I go and perhaps be in interesting locations.
Here I have worn a printed top underneath added a black belt with a gold detail buckle around the waist of the dress, added a fur gilet and wearing my black patent boots.  You could wear a stripey long sleeve topor a colour or just black and add some colour with your accessories.

With my fossil bag.  It has gold detail and I put the belt over the gilet for a different look.

This is with no fur gilet but just a scalf and my new sunnys I just had to have in the photo!!!Even though it is inside and night time,  I just love the shape as my sister would say "Would your like some face with those glasses?" Calll me a fashion victim!

With a wider tan belt and boots and a casual looking jacket gives a more relaxed feel. Could be done with black top underneath or grey.

Chopped the boots off as could look good with wedges in black or tan. 

With a different bag

Young Mum's Makeover

I had a client last week who is a young Mum with a nine month old baby, she is going back to work next month and her husband gave her the Makeover for a gift.  As she is so busy with the baby and once she is back at work, needs to be able to look good with minimal fuss we took this in mind with her hair styling and looked at ways to do her makeup without spending too much time on it.
We decided on a few layers and bangs that can either be blow dried or washed and hand dried quickly or a few velcro rollers in it after it has dried naturally.  To do this you let it dry naturally (wash it the night before) and then in the morning while you do your makeup put the velcro rollers on the top layer of hair and spray lightly with hairspray then when make up is done or just before you leave the house take them out and tossle lightly.  Gives a flouncy natural look with body. With her make up they did the eyes with a bit of colour but left putting the foundation on till last as this only needed to go on areas that needed to be blended (this gives a more natural look)

The new clothes we bought we focused on bringing out her gorgeous hour glass figure but we also chose items that will be good for work and cross over to her daily life and some pieces that can be dressed up  to go out with her husband to have that much needed time out together or can look cool  dressed down also.  The top in the picture is a tunic from Esprit Collection that is worn here with a belt and jacket but can be worn loose with sandals for a more casual look.  In summer with a pair of tailored shorts.  Or tucked in to a pencil skirt and you have a really smart look for work or dinner.

If you would like more information on the Makeover or any other packages we offer at Smitten with Style her is the link