Friday, 10 June 2011

Is Fashion Frivolous?

We have to wear clothes, it is a fact! I have been in a place where I coudn't be bothered so I have worn a tracky all day for days in a row.  I also love to dress up, accessorize, put some thought into what I am wearing and I know the difference in how I feel.  When I am in the slothing stuff I want to hide and have no one see me.  When I have taken the time to groom myself I feel fantastic and want to go out.  So, as for Fashion being frivolous, mmmmmmm no, it is like exercise or a good night's sleep or, in my case a glass of wine.  We all need it.  Tell me what you think!!!  

I have been thinking a lot lately about my obsession with clothes and fashion and how much time I spend thinking about it, looking at it,  playing with new combinations, creating accessories.
I get distracted as I pass my hat room (I am a Milliner and have a room where I keep all my treasures I have collected and made, and my clothes) as I am cleaning the house or doing washing or just trying to get out the door!

It always happens while I am doing a chore that does not involve creativity. When I give in to my impulsive behavior, I find myself  looking at my collection of bits and bobs, ideas explode out of my head and I then find myself overwhelmed and the time I had spare has gone!

To some this may be a frivolous waste of time, but for me it is a necessity, it is something I have to do! (it could also be a lack of discipline).

Anyway one of the results of this "playing" one day was this necklace I made with some dyed lace, vintage beads and trims I have collected and swarovski crystals and pearls. I will do some posts wearing it in the future.  

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Smitten With Style said...

Gorgeous necklace!!! Can you make me one?? I'll happily pay, it is STUNNING!!