Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainy long weekend

It is the last day of the long weekend and has pretty much rained all three days.  My plan was to get outside and take some photos but too wet. Yesterday had a great afternoon, went out for my friend Karen's birthday to this very cool restaurant/bar called The Winery in Surry Hills it was packed.  It was full of groovey Sydney people.  One of the Waitresses we had was wearing a "skivvy" but she did it very well and looked so cute, loved her scarf. 

All of my friends are very stylish, and each has their own unique way of putting things together.  Here is a photo of my friend Di she had a cute knit dress/coat with ruffles.  It looked fabulous and I must say, this is after our day out and she still looks great.  Di wore this as a dress with boots but you could do it with jeans or leggins.  Love the look.

I thought this was pretty funny.  My friend Maryan took me to some great shops that suprise, suprise I had not discovered yet and we both bought this jacket - but after quiet a few wines we thought we would be siamese twins.

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