Friday, 10 June 2011

Young Mum's Makeover

I had a client last week who is a young Mum with a nine month old baby, she is going back to work next month and her husband gave her the Makeover for a gift.  As she is so busy with the baby and once she is back at work, needs to be able to look good with minimal fuss we took this in mind with her hair styling and looked at ways to do her makeup without spending too much time on it.
We decided on a few layers and bangs that can either be blow dried or washed and hand dried quickly or a few velcro rollers in it after it has dried naturally.  To do this you let it dry naturally (wash it the night before) and then in the morning while you do your makeup put the velcro rollers on the top layer of hair and spray lightly with hairspray then when make up is done or just before you leave the house take them out and tossle lightly.  Gives a flouncy natural look with body. With her make up they did the eyes with a bit of colour but left putting the foundation on till last as this only needed to go on areas that needed to be blended (this gives a more natural look)

The new clothes we bought we focused on bringing out her gorgeous hour glass figure but we also chose items that will be good for work and cross over to her daily life and some pieces that can be dressed up  to go out with her husband to have that much needed time out together or can look cool  dressed down also.  The top in the picture is a tunic from Esprit Collection that is worn here with a belt and jacket but can be worn loose with sandals for a more casual look.  In summer with a pair of tailored shorts.  Or tucked in to a pencil skirt and you have a really smart look for work or dinner.

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