Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My friend Inspy

I have another inspirational story for you.  Most of you know our beautiful friend Sigrid and the challenge her and her family faced starting two and a half years ago, when she was in a horrific car accident. 
Sigrid looking fabulous with a Sussan cardigan and Vivienne Westwood jacket (bought in New York) and her Grandma's necklace

 We watched her have to start from scratch again and learn to do all the things we take for granted everyday.  While we watched and marveled from the outside at every improvement and every little change.  We had and still have no comprehension of the will power, determination and the positive attitude that Sigrid and her family had to constantly maintain to get through every day.
 Over the two and a half years I have watched my gorgeous friend work her but off mentally and physically and become fitter than she ever was and have an insight into life that can only come from a life changing challenge that she has faced.    
One of the loves that I share with Sigrid now and before her accident is the love of clothes, fashion, accessories and making yourself feel good by making an effort to dress up.
 My nick name for Sigrid or as I call her Sigas is Inspy, as she is a constant inspiration for me every time I talk to her or see her.  Her positive attitude never waivers and her- just get on with it and don’t sweat the small stuff point of view is always a pick me up, when I find myself whining about the tiny insignificant things in life.  Thank you Inspy xxx

Sigrid's Story
I had a serious car accident in August 2008.
When I came home from hospital I could sit 
in my tracksuit and runners all day not really make an effort in my 
appearance, I couldn't care I just wanted to be comfortable. Then we 
where invited to a fiftieth my husband wanted me to wear a dress and 
right shoes, he said I used to be so stylish.  So I made the effort to 
wear an appropriate outfit and boy, did that make a huge difference, 
I felt  great, it was really good for my confidence, It made all the 
difference in knowing that, everyone tells you that you look great but 
its not until you feel it that you think its OK.  Now I make an effort 
in my appearance when I go anywhere and when people tell me I look 
good and they love what I'm wearing, I instantly feel great not think 
they're just saying that to be polite.

Then we took the jacket off !!

Staring the famous Ruby
We changed the look by just adding a scarf (New York)

Another thing that inspires me about Sigas is her amazing wardrobe she has collected over the years and has kept and added to.  As she lived in London for a while she has some fabulous items from there. 
So here are Sigas own words and some photos of some of her casual gear.  I think Sigas will be a regular as she has so many combinations it will take years to show you.   

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