Sunday, 24 April 2011

If this doesn't Motivate us nothing will

With Reality television giving us the opportunity to sit in our lounge rooms and watch men and women transform into fit, healthy and slimmer versions of what they were, virtually being tortured.
 It motivates us for a fleeting moment until we talk ourselves out of it "No way that really looks hard work, we don't have the trainer and someone making us eat the right food 24/7".
It is so refreshing to hear a story that incorporates daily life into making it happen and just finding ways to fit exercise and keeping healthy into our very crazy busy lives.
I was telling you about this wonderful lady I had as a client last week who had gone from a size 22 to a 12 to 14 and she has done just that.  Heather has kindly let me share her inspirational story with you and here it is: 

Heather before
Heather after all the hard work (She looks amazing)

Heather Wass's Story

I found WW (weight watchers) educates you to choices, it teaches you the energy value of foods so you can decide what to choose before you eat.  All food eaten needs to be burnt off or used for body function or it turns into stored fat.  When you are trying to lose weight you need to eat less than what you are using so you use up the stored fat.  To do this without feeling hungry or deprived is a little tricky and you don't always manage to do it. 
The first week I started I just increased my incidental exercise.  I parked my car a block away from where I needed to go, I walked for 15minutes before work, I walked at lunch time for 20 to 30 minutes, walked to get something instead of driving my car.  When I lost a little bit of weight I started to ride my pushbike (very cheap one from BigW but has a ladies seat on for comfort).  I found this became addictive, when I first started I couldn't ride very far before I had to rest but would then get on an go again.  I was riding in the mornings in the dark with a head torch on to see the rough gravel, rutted farm road/track (a very stylish site!!!).  I would ride before work 20 mins, then walk (faster as I got fitter) at lunch time then come home and walk or ride in the afternoon if I had time, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Thursday was WW meeting day and I worked later so would walk around the streets of Nyngan for about an hour prior to the meeting, this attracted other ladies at one stage and we had a little gathering of us at one stage.
The weekends if I was at home I would ride during the day both days.  If we go away I always take joggers and walk or run, I take our daughter's dog running if we are with them in the Hunter Valley.  We went to Tasmania the July after I had started to lose weight and we did a lot of driving (sitting in a car) and eating and drinking so I would do a resistant workout in our motel room each night.  Some Hotels have gyms so if they do use them, get on a walking machine just keep moving.  If we are away I always like to walk around where we are to explore.  I tell my WW ladies start by walking to the end of your street, then extend it each day.  Even if you only have five or ten minutes use it your body will thank you.
My husband Haydon had a great insight one night when I was doing my notes for a meeting and was a little stuck for an opening he said tell the members 'Weight gain is like maxing out your credit card, there will come a day when you have to pay it all back.'  You have a great time maxing it out (gaining weight) but it isn't as easy paying it off (losing the weight).

I love the analogy Heather's husband gave her.  I am sure most of us can relate to that!  


Smitten With Style said...

Heather you are an inspiration, you look absolutely terrific!!! and Jenny thank you for posting this!

deecotter said...

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