Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thank God for My Mother In Law

Well, last week when I started my blog I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  I was going to put this on my blog, take photos of blah, blah, blah!!! Of course I can easily add another thing to my 'to-do list' each day, as if getting dressed in a decent sort of fashion to get out the door wasn't challenging enough.
What is it with us women that we just keep adding to the things we need to achieve before we say it is okay to relax and unwind for the night? Needless to say the thought of getting to the computer(Once all the chores are done) to put my thoughts for the day down, is something of a reward.  There are also the photos to accompany the days post.  Which I do like to do but as I am just getting used to taking my own photo with the timer, it is rather time consuming.
My Mother in law arrived on Monday and despite her having the worst reputation for photo taking I have ever heard of, my husbands family has albums of photos with bodies with no heads.  Vera my Mother in law has been taking the photos and they are great!!!

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