Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Meeting Inspirational People

I am so very lucky.  Every day in what I do I get to meet some lovely, amazing people that inspire me and I learn something from.  Today and yesturday were no exception.  I met an amazing lady today who had gone from a size 22 to a 12/14.  Over the period of our meeting I got to hear her story.  I will post some photos of this gorgeous lady as soon as I get the photos that we took today.  At the end of the day I came out thinking we can do what ever we put our minds to!  This knowledge fills my heart with excitement!

Yesturday  I also met a lady that filled my heart with joy.  Such a sweet, spunky woman.  Certain outfits we put on her just brought out her personality and the person that makes her who she is.  This is what we need to look for in what we wear, not just something that will cover us up and get us through the day.  We all need to shine!!! and not just sometimes xxx

This is another outfit that changed with layers.  I have on my levi curve id black skinny jeans $54 in New York.  Underneath Cue print top $79, on top DKNY silver sequin t-shirt $20 New York. Patent leather boots New York $99 Cuff Rome, Necklace Katies from a lovely client as a Thank you.

Ok so now have added waistcoat from General Pants Alice in the Eve $79
Have added in the picture below another waistcoat which has frills on the sleeves for a bit of interest and adds balance to my thighs. I like the different textures and patterns.  May be a bit crazy for some but do the layers in the same colours if that is too much for you.  The frill sleeve waistcoat is from Valleygirl and it was $39
Here I have just added (yet another thing) A metallic belt from Forever New.  $39

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