Sunday, 10 February 2013

Love you as you are!!!

Well it has been a while!!! 
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The problem is when you have a bit of a break the doubt sets in and to get back to it is so much harder. 
Anyway here I am in 2013 and very excited about the New Year.
My baby boy is doing his last year at High School!  That sounds too weird.

I had a wonderful Christmas with most of my family and an amazing beach holiday with all my boys. Above was the view from our lounge room over Burleigh Beach. 
Yes I jam packed the car with decorations from home.  We stayed at Gemini Court Holiday Apartments which is a little walk up a small hill but worth it for the view.  I could see the boys surfing out the kitchen window. 
It was such a happy lovely time. OOh and I got a new lens for my camera so will be experimenting with the blog photos. Love to see any comments. Or if anyone would like me to come and go through their wardrobe and do their hair and make up  and be on the blog let me know.  You just have to wear what I say and pose for the photos.  

So in this post I need to talk about the very common topic of Women's body shapes'.

This morning I was doing my chores while TV was on in the background. On my way out to the clothes line with a basket full of saved up (prob form before Burleigh) washing from my son's room.
I was stopped in my tracks when I heard the interviewer say to Jennifer Lopez
"Because you are curvy did you have insecurities?" her answer was of course "yes, to start with"
JLo went on to tell how in the early days she was told to loose weight and would always wear loose fitting baggy styles to hide her curves. 
I could not believe I was feeling sorry for the absolutely amazing, gorgeous JLo. This beautiful girl was made to feel not good enough because she had curves!
It made me fire up inside.

Most women I know dislike something about their bodies and are always on a diet or trying to loose those extra kilos, myself included.  I don't like my thighs! and am constantly trying to thin them down. (with not much success).   However I have come to accept them to a point and work with them.
 It is a bit like having to deal with a work colleage or family member you just clash with but they are here to stay so you have to just deal with it and eventually you actually sort of in a weird way like them???  

Thankfully we are starting to see some more amazing  women that are fit, healthy, intelligent, talented AND curvy sports stars and celebrities that the young girls today can look towards. 

I was doing a workshop with a group of women and as we were discussing body shapes as women do, we all got talking about the changes in our bodies that we didn't like.
A young Europeon girl who had gorgeous curves and very confident and happy with them said
 "What is wrong with all of you not wanting curves?You are crazy to want straight up and down bodies! that is for boys!!!". I

This outfit is supposedly not for the "larger bottomed people like moi"
but I don't care cause I love my thighs now after this post and I like this outfit!!!

 It is fun. I love the bold tangerine colour when teamed with the baggy printed pants.  Go on Ladies and Gents go wear something daring tommorow and send me a photo. 

 Have a great day xxx

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