Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Last Hoorah to bright colours


Summer is over and Autumn is here!!!


Feels like Autumn has already been her for a while with the amount of rain we have been having everywhere.

This outfit post I am dedicating to the vibrance and exciting personalities of the divine bright colours trends we have had over this past irratic summer.
Thankfully we can be grateful we had bright colours to turn to, to remind us it was indeed summer. 
I have mixed some of my favourites together. The jacket which features through out, is more of a lime green than a yellow as it appears. 
The jade in the pants is showing up for Autumn as well Yaaayyy!  As my clients would know I just love this colour. It does work well on a lot of people as it is not to harsh.

I know to some the lime and jade may look like the Australian Olympian's  uniform but I like these colours together and I do like to experiment.  I must say wearing a bright colour does make me feel energetic and


So as our warmer weather starts to dissapear, I am starting to think about what I will need for Autumn/Winter and if I need to update any of my staples or just add some new accessories to freshen and modernise the looks. 

Looking around at what is in stores for Autumn, what I am liking, actually loving are the new Burgundy and Jade which by the way looks amazing together. 

Image from her imagination of Brian Attwood ooties

Burgundy is a bit of a hard colour to wear. So if it is not the right shade for you to wear up near your face, try an accessory like a bag or little bootie. 
Talking about Burgundy I was at Embelish Atelier www.embelish-hats.com/ and Catherine is doing some amazing fedoras and pill boxes for the Autumn Racing Carnival in burgandy and lots of other beautiful colours and fabrics.  Catherine and her team will be having a pop up store on level 1 of QVB starting from Monday 10th March for a week so pop in and say hi and try some hats on.

Black and white is also very prominent and of course ever classic I do feel excited by it. Cant wait to start experimenting and showing you some of my crazy combos. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to comment. xxx


Style.com photo of Phillip Lim dress

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Katie Cotter said...

Those colours do make you look alive! I love the shoes and the necklaces. Especially the two tone one. Where can I purchase this from?