Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What to wear to a wedding

I can't tell you how much I love a wedding!

The love in the air, the union of two people that you care about have found each other in this mad, crazy, wonderful world is just so much to be happy and excited about. 

The other reason of course, is because you get to plan an outfit.  Sometimes if we can, a new outfit (Can you feel me trembling with excitement). 
Yes, I do have lots of things I could have worn BUT there are a few Christmas events that I needed to save those outfits for. 

So when I do have to pick a new outfit for a special event like a wedding or big party, for myself or a client.  I will always try to choose carefully the pieces so that they can be worn more casually also. 


As I have done with the outfit I wore to my nephew's wedding on the weekend.

The top can be worn with jeans or shorts or pants for a smart casual look. Or a shorter skirt. The skirt which my friend Maree picked out for me as I would never have chosen something with the splits so bold. However it had the shear long skirt which was just so appealing to me. It did hide the bulk of my legs.
I was a bit nervous about wearing it but got myself a good fake tan and some very high heels.
I did feel nice in this outfit as it was very flowy and relaxed.

The moral of the story girls and guys is push yourself out of your comfort zone!


Redcliffe Style said...

You look gorgeous!! I always pick pieces that I can dress up or down too. Rachel x

style for real people said...

Thanks Rachel, Helps me justify getting something new!!!
Jenny x