Monday, 26 November 2012

More Wedding outfits

As I said in last week's post I love a wedding and another reason, apart from what I said last week, is that I love seeing everyone dressed up.  Guys in a snazzy suit; girls in an eyecatching dress or skirt; maybe a hat and the hair and nails shimmering.
It is almost like the car that we know needs attention and a service. You have not had time to check that noise or thd leaking oil.  So the holidays are coming up and with the realisation that the car has to be up to transporting us that six hundred kms to get to our holiday destination, we have no choice but  to book it in and do without it for the day.
Once it is done though, it feels and runs so much better and we think why didn't I just do this before.
A bit like the process we go through to look our best at a special event. We love the end result but always put everything else ahead of spending the time on ourselves (or the car that is so important to us).
This is my gorgeous niece at her twin brother's wedding.  Melissa put this outfit together for the occassion and she looked beautiful.  A busy Mum of three, as a lot of us know it is not easy to find the time to worry about what we are going to wear to this or that.  Melissa you nailed it.  You looked absolutely radiant.


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