Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What if we can't do Designer?

As you may have already discovered.  I love love love accessories!!!
That includes necklaces, bags, shoes, sunnies, watches, rings, cuffs and bangles and of course hats.  
It is not Rocket science, but  a necklace, cute bag or groovey sunnies can make the whole  look. 
I also love, love, love something a bit different and quirky in design.
  However my budget does not always allow for the price tag that comes with these items especially if a designer name is all over it.
  Not that I do not understand and appreciate the time, workmanship and quality of materials gone into the process of getting these beautiful items on to the shop floor for us mere mortals to moan over and spend more than we can afford to pay for one amazing piece. 
Taking all this in mind,  I do have some lovely pieces but have not bought that ultimate life changing item yet!!! I know that day will come and it is something I look forward to so much. 
In the mean time I don't mind doing and will do items that fit in with my budget and will help to achieve the look of the lust after items for now and just tame that yearning for a while! 
These include the $9.95 sunnies from Valleygirl, $29.95 bag from Tempt, Diva watch $29.95, Jennifer Kelly necklace 

Top Zara $45, Pants Zara $89, shoes (very comfortable, walked around for four hours today) Staccato $119

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