Thursday, 29 November 2012

Inspirational Friends - The Other Mad Hatter


Eight years ago one of my dreams of opening a shop where I could make and sell my creations became a reality.
When I embarked upon this adventure I was scared, excited and full of passion and energy.
There was no stopping me.

It was an experience where I set out to do one thing but I was rewarded with so many other things
One of those things was meeting so many wonderful, interesting and yes Inspirational people.
 Whilst there were many people that came into my life at that time, one of them who I have formed a long lasting friendship with is Catherine Kelly who has Embellish Atelier at Rozelle.
Catherine came into my shop (Which was a Hat and Accessory shop) one day, as she was passing.
As Catherine was studying Millinery at the time she introduced herself and we started chatting and we havn't stopped since!



Catherine would stop by reguarly and we would talk hat stuff.  We soon realised that our boys were at the same school, and that we had the same surname. 

I was so happy to meet someone else who made hats and finally be able to talk to someone else about being a Mad Hatter. 

Over the years Cath has encouraged and pushed me into doing things I would not do on my own.  I have watched her start out in the Millinery world and with her determination, spunk and talent and now has a very successful Millinery business where she does Hat, fascinator, flowermaking and various other workshops and designs and makes beautiful creations for a wide range of clients including Racing socialites, Brides, Mothers of the Bride and Groom and has made incredible pieces for theatrical productions.  Over the Spring Carnival period Catherine had pop up stores in the QVB in Sydney and at The Rocks. 

Unfortunately Cath lost her amazing husband John suddenly in 2010.  Needless to say the last two years have not been easy for Catherine and her children.  I have seen Catherine pick up and push herself through and seeing what she has achieved and done despite all she has been through is just amazing.  It just makes me aware that when I am having a bad day it is really just a walk in the park. 
At the time John died he had started working for an organization called Activate that  Mentors young people.

 Cath and the family  decided to set up a foundation in John's honour The Trust Company -
 John Skipper Kelly Fund - creating leadership opportunities for disadvantaged youth  to continue supporting the work he was doing .Which today has raised over $150,000.  If you would like to know more click on the link above.

Cath and I  had a fun afternoon going through her wardrobe which has some wonderful treasures like the Sage green Vintage dress she is wearing that was her Mum's. We did her hair and make up also.
 Cath has a bit of an obsession at the moment for duck egg blue so it features a lot in this post.  It is an amazing colour that looks beautiful on her too. 


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