Friday, 2 November 2012

In the Change room - Melbourne Cup outfits

It is now very close to the big day. If you are like lots of Australians it creeps around all of a sudden.
 "What! Melbourne Cup is next week, What are you doing?"
Not only can you not believe it was already a year ago that you lost all that money on the sure thing, but  you suddenly realise it is November and December is next and Christmas is nearly here!

 Then a New Year and so many things need to be done!!!.
 So Melbourne Cup to an Aussie has so many meanings.
I worked for many years as a Milliner and it never seased to amaze me how many girls would come in a couple of days before the big race day and want a hat made up.
I suppose as I was on the other end and was the one coming up with the creations and had to labour over the end result, I would find it frustrating but at the same time appreciated that  these girls and women put their faith in me to make them look and feel fantastic on that special day in November.
 The day that gives us an excuse to dress up and feel grand for one day.
 The day when nearly everyone can forget what the pressures of our everyday bring, when we can laugh and cheer with friends and colleages, when for a short moment in time all is forgotten and the cheers make you feel so joyous and strong  even if it is not your horse's nose that clipped the finish line.
 As a consumer myself I still have no idea what I will be wearing next tuesday, three days away.  Although I will not be approaching a Milliner and expecting a piece to be made for me, I fall into the category of last minute shoppers but this is our one fine day and let us all enjoy and embrace out nation and the chance to celebrate what we stand for Freedom, love and happiness!!!
Below are some outfits that are in stores now and beautiful hats from my friend Catherine Kelly from Embellish who now have a pop up store in the Queen Victoria Building until the end of next week, otherwise you can find her in her studio in Rozelle or call her on 0416182486
Cue pencil skirt $215 and jacket, $195 with blourse under and Embellish hat in QVB $650

Here are some outfits I tried on from Karen Millen and Cue in the QVB, Sydney, the hats

Karen Millen cotton  Floral print dress $325, magenta shoes $175.and $145.bag, Hat Embellish Atelier $650
Cue dress $315, Embellish Atelier hat $395
Karen Millen dress, shoes and clutch, Embellish hat
are from Embellish Atelier  embellish-hats.com who have a pop up store on Ground level QVB Sydney until after Melbourne Cup.

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