Monday, 29 October 2012

Prints and changing pieces that are not quite right

Jeans Zara, top Veronika Maine, Jacket Very Very, Bag Michael Kors, Shoes Paul Dane, Turquoise necklace old

I am at the moment fascinated with the mixing prints trend.  I know it is a scary concept but I do love a bit of a challenge.
In the top photo I have mixed two prints together in a top and jacket.  The prints are both a water washed, marbling type look.  Although the two prints don't have a consistent colour in both, I think because of the style of print and as the jacket print is more subtle, it seems to work together.  The pants are a colour that is in the  top print.  It is also helped by bringing orange shoes in to balance the orange in the jacket.

Before buttons changed

New buttons
I love getting a bargain as I am sure many of you do.  Especially if it is something that you know is a great addition to your wardrobe but you don't want to break the bank.

I found this charcoal jacket last Spring when the weather was at that trans seasonal change over when not quite warm enough to go sleeveless but too warm to wear a heavy structured jacket or blazer, you know, when there is a bit of a breeze that makes you shudder a bit.
The weight is perfect, it is a neutral colour it was $15 but I have never liked the buttons I think they make it look cheap, not $15 though,  as I would never have bought it.

Anyway I have bought some buttons at for around $2.50 each to change the look and step it up.  So tonight whilst watching Housewives of New Jersey, I will sew them on.  

I am also wearing a pair of printed, baggy pants which I really wanted to attempt this look as I do love it. However I didn't want to spend much as I was not sure if I could pull it off.  So I found these also for $15 and thought, will play around and see if I can pull it off, and at least if it doesn't work on me I have a slouchy pair of around the house - really comfy pants. Win Win.

 The black, cream and grey in the pants is easy to match any colour with especially a bright or strong colour.

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Damiano said...

I am sooooo with you on the button thing. I have an old black linen jacket that has white pearl like buttons and I feel that it needs a change. Will you help me at Spotlight or should I look elsewhere ????