Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Making the effort

Melbourne Cup is now over for another year!
This is the first year in many years I have not been mad hattering away every day and night for weeks leading up to The Cup.
I am usually so exhausted and uninterested in thinking about putting a hat on my head once that last hat has been picked up (usually on the morning of The Cup).

This is what I ended up wearing
As I am no longer making hats, this was my first year to enjoy the festivities, and that I did!

The morning went on and I put a couple of potential outfits out and then went about what I was doing all of a sudden it was 11.00am then it was midday and we were meeting at 1.00pm.  I had to have a shower, wash my hair do my nails and make up and sort out how the hat would stay on my head.

Needless to say I love an opportunity to dress up and wear a hat but it does take a bit of an effort, of course it is well worth it when you win best hat, which I did !!!


Jane said...

Love your outfit! That dress is gorgeous and the hat is so fun.

style for real people said...

Thank you Jane, love an opportunity to dress up!