Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Summer jackets and vests

Hanging out the washing
Veronika Maine pants, Mango top, Portmans jacket, necklace diva and Sussans
swapped jacket to vest and changed shoes
changed vest again for a more casual look this is a jacket I cut the sleeves off to make a vest

I really love summer and the warmer weather, however as it gets so hot I do find myself struggling to pull together a finished look other than a dress and some beads.  In winter you just throw on a blazer and a scarf or a great jacket.
I have solved this dilemma, sort of.  I had a jacket and it had the puffy gathered sleeves that I wasn't loving so I cut them off and made this vest (the army green above).
  Vests are great to add another layer and help cover love handles and thigh area, plus the vertical lines when left open help to elongate your body.
So girls this is a staple you will need for summer.
 It can also look great with a pair of shorts.  I don't love my legs so not sure if you will get me giving that a go unless I am going hiking!

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