Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Inspriational people in my life - Sigrid

About eighteen months ago I wrote about my incredible friend Sigrid and the challenging journey her life has been since August 31st 2008. ( See My friend Inspy)
I have just had a lovely afternoon  re-visiting her wonderful wardrobe.

Despite what she has been through, every day Sigrid pushes herself to do a lot of the things we take for granted.
Just getting up and on with the day Sigrid has discomfort on the left side of her body but tells me she doesn't notice anymore as this is part of her daily life.

Unfortunately she is unable to wear pointy shoes or high heels any more, but on the other hand says she is saving lots of money! I don't hear complaints from her,  I hear about what she has done that day and it is always a happy and positive person on the other end of the conversation, I sometimes hang up and think to myself, 'Crikey, I am the one that complained through that whole phone call.'.
Sigrid keeps herself fit by swimming, doing cardio and weights at the gym and her commitment to this has helped with her injuries and keeping a positive frame of mind. Sigrid's philosophy is now "You have to have a good attitude!"
Siggas you are such a warm beautiful lady and it shows in these photos. You inspire me and many, many others.  xxxx

In Ben Sherman shorts, Jag top and Kipling bag

Sigrid looking fantastic in her new Country Road skinny jeans here with sequins cardigan
Sigrid doing her laps

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